Mike F. & Teresa B.

We like your approachable style and commitment to helping people.

Kim F.

I continue to have such a positive experience with you all, and I'm tickled that you're now helping out a good friend of mine.

Eva A.

Very trustworthy and committed. Easy to work with.

Scott & Stacy D.

We love working with your team and appreciate your hard work and coordination.

Andrew & Laree E.

You have amazed us once again! We cannot believe all the details you were on top of.

Ray B.

Tom's team was all business -- no nonsense. Kept my requests in order and when problems arose, had an immediate solution ... Top-notch performance!

Jimmy & Barb H.

We definitely look forward to many more years with American Dream.

Tom DeVilliers , PC
Phone: 503-969-2459
Mobile: 503-969-2459
Fax: 503-924-3472